Sunday, October 4, 2009

Statement by Condoleeza Rice on the Peter Mackler Award

I am delighted to hear that you are honoring Peter's legacy by recognizing courageous and ethical journalists with the Peter Mackler Award.  Throughout his distinguished thirty-three year career in journalism, Peter was a champion of the freedom of the press who fought tirelessly to defend the rights of reporters to publish stories without fear of retribution.

I always welcomed the chance to speak with him when he was a correspondent for Agence France-Presse.  As an educator myself, I was especially inspired by his work to establish the Global Media Forum to train journalists in developing countries so that they too could contribute to an informed citizenry that is at the center of a vibrant democracy.

I can think of no better way to honor the work of such a passionate journalist - and dedicated husband and father - than through the Peter Mackler Awards.  Although I regret not being able to join you at the awards ceremony, I am delighted to join you in celebrating the legacy of Peter Mackler.


  1. SHAME ON YOU !!! First ever Peter Mackler Award was awarded to a rogue journalist, who is convicted by the judiciary for 20 years for aiding and abetting terrorism and receiving money from terrorist organisation ( with proven evidence).
    I wonder what's the hidden agenda of those retards, who're behind this organisation and selection process.

  2. Maverick by name, Maverick by behavior... "One that refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group".
    I.e., Maverick says: "receiving money from terrorist organisation ( with proven evidence)."
    Maverick, have you ever heard of "innocent until proven guilty"? Well, a step before that would be, "innocent if not charged"... and you know what, he was NOT charged with receiving money from terrorists. He was first charged with receiving money from NGOs... and then they changed the charges to be just "receiving money". Not from terrorists. Nothing in the charges about that.
    (Wonder why they changed it? Use your unbranded head.)
    Obviously you want to "refuse to abide by" the rules of law, of judicial process, etc., and hence you are making up your own new charges. "maverick".
    We should not be surprised at what this country has done to this journlaist, when we realize that this is a country whose government doesn't even inform their people clearly of what the charges are, but allow their citizens to have false assumptions and spout misplaced patriotic rhetoric.
    So I repeat: Maverick, go read the darned charges before shootting your mouth off like a runaway Maverick missile. Next, go and read the evidence and judgment and then (after finding your common sense), try and honestly figure out whether there is even a shadow of reasonable certainty that he is guilty of even the very minor things which he WAS charged with.

  3. Ms. Rice mentions "informed citizenry that is at the center of a vibrant democracy."
    The lack of this in Sri Lanka is fully exemplified by Maverick's uninformed comments which demonstrate how widely there exists an "UNINFORMED citizenry" in Sri Lanka. And we have now seen what happens to the rare journalists who are capable of chaging that situation for the better.

  4. We Sri Lankans are fully aware of rougue journalists like Tissanayagam, who would write anything, say anything and do anything for FEW DOLLARS MORE !!!
    And we Sri Lankans are well aware with the reasons that he has been charged with, proven and convicted.
    And we Sri Lankans are well aware with foreigners like Leany and Rice, who hasn't got an iota of knowledge or experience in the ground situation, prophesying from heaven above on how to make the lives of the poor better.
    And we Sri Lankans know that they all have ulterior motives and something in it for themselves.
    So, keep on awarding Tissanayagams, who hasn't got any standing or relevance to public, and satisfy your sadistic pleasures.
    Poor Peter Macklar must be turning in his grave.

  5. Whooosh.... kerBLANG! There misfired yet another Maverick Missile. Maverick's comment is murdering Sri Lanka even more, because you are creating more wrong and bad impressions of Sri Lankans.

    Maverick has ignored my earlier question because there is no answer to it because the evidence is not there and was not there ever.

    Yes Maverick you are correct that Rice (the person, not the food) is certainly a foreigner, good to see you have at the least that amount of ground knowledge. But I, Leany, am most certainly not a foreigner, I am a Sri Lankan, and a fact is that I am a high caste Sinhalese.

    "Maverick" assumptions such as your previous comment are what far too many Sri Lankans are having, silly naive people that we too easily are. Much too proud just like strutting proud peacocks who can't make any nice sound when the mouth is opened. I have heard peacocks squawking up close, because I am a Sri Lankan.

    I have no ulterior motives, all I care about is real justice for all citizens of my country.

    To all you foreigners out there. Please don't think that all of we Sri Lankans are moron malicious mavericks. No. There are many Sri Lankans like I who are having well balanced attitudes and having the love of genuine justice which Peter loved. But we are just afraid to speak the truth because we know what has happened to people like us due to maverick misguided Sri Lankans such as Maverick. They use their unbranded heads and charge at anyone with fair ideas. Just like "maverick" gona's (bullocks or cattle). You do know where on their anatomy cattle are marked with the branding mark do you not?

    I have one small agreement with some people like Maverick. I am in agreement that there is some truth in the idea that the western countries sometimes do things that are hypocricy, so an example is the silence about American and Israel's possibe war crimes. But I am of the view that pmaward is sincere enough so that they won't censer this part of my comment. I am sure Peter would have fairly criticised even the wrongs that America does. At the least in America anyone usually can criticise without fear.